Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Preview! : John Hughes Tribute Show at Gallery 1988 (in LA)

2011 is off to a great start and I have some new work I'm going to post very soon!!
My goals for 2011 didn't quite solidify until a few weeks in. I recently found and have chosen a path that will lead me into 2012. So 2011 is all about work-work-work and I couldn't be happier.

click for larger image!

Next month I'm going to be in a group show honoring John Hughes at Gallery 1988 (in LA). I'll post all the info about the show once it's released but for now I wanted to give you a quick preview. This was the first piece I 'documented' through out my creative process.
The art show is honoring John Hughes and all his iconic films(such as Pretty in Pink,Weird Science, Home Alone, Ferris Beuller's Day Off and the Breakfast Club). For the show I decided to do a portrait of the lovely Molly Ringwald.
I wanted to incorporate some ink in this piece so once I laid down my red/pink wash, I found a good photo of her gorgeous face, pulled out my black pens and got to work. I tend to be really selective about the images I use as a reference and take into consideration everything from the angle of the eyes, the lighting to whether or not it's a personal challenge for me (to try to recreate). I love a good challenge. For me, portraits are defiantly a personal challenge and can be a bit terrifying. I can barely breath when I'm fist getting started. When I love the wash (of color) I'm working with I never take the placement of the face/image (on top of the wash) into consideration. It's purely luck when the ink wash flows with the face/image. I hate planning out a piece. I love watching it evolve as I go along.

I'll post the completed piece in the next week or so, so stay tuned!


  1. this is fantastic! I love Molly.

  2. Thanks Fu!
    She told me she loves you too.
    Come back to LA please. Thank you.

  3. this is absolutely gorgeous! i stumbled across your blog through google and am amazed. my friend and i are huge john hughes fans but unfortunately live far from l.a. -- i will look forward to hearing more about the art show. will you be selling prints? i just love how kind her eyes are, you captured that perfectly :)

  4. Es simplemente majestuoso, buscando imágenes de Molly encontré esta ilustración y definitivamente me dejo sorprendido lo candida y hermosa que había sido ejecutada... Gracias y de nuevo que precioso trabajo.