Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Gifts!

I hope you and yours had a most marvvvelous ou-liday! I did and this year I made my dearest friends Christmas gifts. I love giving unexpected, funny, memorable and personal gifts. My attempt to recreate their beauty was thE hardest drawing challenge I'm ever attempted! 
1)Heather Goldberg is a Jewelry/womenswear designer/artist and loves thug rap as much as I do. Checkout her beautifuuul jewelry here!!
2)Regina Yazdi is one of my favorite illustrators and,like me, was born with a pencil in her hand. Her work bembodies the past and the future of fashion illustration. I just realized how hard/fun it is to draw fellow illustrators. 
3)Theo Moysis is a fresh faced fashion designer living in New York and is currently designing at Tommy (the new hipper subdivision of Tommy Hilfiger). Like me, he loves to hunt down/share new music. 

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