Tuesday, February 8, 2011

John Hughes Tribute Show at Gallery 1988

Now that they posted all the info about the John Hughes Tribute show I thought I'd pass it along.
To my surprise they used my piece for the show's promo card! Most unfortunately I'm going to miss the show opening (in LA this friday) because I'm attending a book signing event in NYC. Some of my work I created while I was a student at Otis College of Art and Design (in the fashion program) is going to featured in a book about emerging fashion designers. I came a bit early to get some work done in the city and to catch up with my best friends who recently moved to NY. It's great to be back in the city and I feel like a kid seeing snow for the first time in a 5 years. Because I've lived in LA all my live I see/touch (real) snow every 4-6 years.
When I dropped off my piece before I left I got to see some of the other pieces and they all look great! So if your in LA this friday night and have plans, cancel them and go checkout the show! I don't know of anyone who has a pulse that doesn't love all of John Hughes films.

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